Tibaq is designed as an exclusive web magazine in Malayalam to make the new original, acute, and open thoughts on philosophy, culture, arts and religion accessible for the virtual –scholarly and popular philosophical –public. We try to create a channel of unlimited possibilities between profound intellectual actions and their radical analytical reactions by being in a neutral, direct and broad platform.

Tibaq is founded by a collective of academic and artistic enthusiasts, spanning across multiple disciplines, connected virtually under the mutual aim of hybridizing art, aesthetics, philosophy and religion to create a fresh and stretchable intellectual and creative space. We thus look for new, emerging and envisaging intellectuals and artists who are not limited to deep seated ideologies to produce, de-produce and re-produce the alternative thinking architectures.

Readers can send their letters and commentaries to editor@tibaq.in

Submission Guidelines

  1. The works are to be emailed to
    editor@tibaq.in. The subject column should contain the type of work like articles, interviews, thoughts, photo essays and reviews; and the field of work like philosophy, anthropology and aesthetics.
  2. The language of writing is limited to Malayalam and at times non-Malayalam words are allowed within the works according to the nature of works.
  3. We invite Photo Essays on any area.
  4. In case the authors or artists are making submissions to multiple magazines, they must inform Tibaq the moment the work is accepted elsewhere. Once Tibaq accepts a work and starts working on it, it cannot be published in any other magazine.
  5. The complete decision over the publication is with the editors and they are absolutely free from providing reasons to the authors and artists of rejected works.