General Guidelines

  1. The works are to be emailed to The subject column should contain the type of work like articles, interviews, thoughts, photo essays and reviews; and the field of work like philosophy, anthropology and aesthetics.
  2. The language of writing is limited to Malayalam and at times non-Malayalam words are allowed within the works according to the nature of works.
  3. The word limits of different types of works are as follows:
    1. Articles –not less than 1000 words and more than 3000 words.
    2. Interviews –not less than 1000 words and more than 2500 words.
    3. Thoughts –not less than 100 words and more than 600 words.
    4. Reviews –not less than 1000 words and more than 2000 words.
    5. Fictions and Humors –not less than 600 words and more than 1500 words.
    6. If a particular work merits more space than the aforementioned, we are open to making exceptions as per the editorial decision.
  1. The submission of Artworks and Photography are as follows:
    1. We invite artistic-experimental photography, video installations, short experimental documentaries and installations (photograph).
    2. Three works –either different works, different dimensions of a single work or different works in a series –should be attached along with three short descriptive or expressive statements, each not more than 150 words.
    3. Photographic artworks and photographic models of installation should be with a considerable resolution or pixel (72 resolution preferred) in order to avoid the loss of artistic exclusivity and authenticity of the work.
    4. A short 200 words artistic career biography and a colored photograph of the artist and the dimension and type of artwork should be attached with the work.
  1. We invite Photo Essays on any area. We will include a maximum of 15 photos in a Photo Essay.
  2. In case the authors or artists are making submissions to multiple magazines, they must inform Tibaq the moment the work is accepted elsewhere. Once Tibaq accepts a work and starts working on it, it cannot be published in any other magazine.
  3. The complete decision over the publication is with the editors and they are absolutely free from providing reasons to the authors and artists of rejected works.